George Michael - The History

Everybody knows George Michael. Or at least they think they do. He's a global icon, an international artist of the highest order who has sold over 100 million albums in a world where Germany's population is 82 million; the United Kingdom's is 62 million and Australia's is 23 million. He's topped charts from Austria to Australia. He's sold-out stadiums from Tokyo to Tampa. He re-defined popular music with his debut solo album, 1987's Faith and went on to build a groundbreaking, substantial and enormously popular body of work.

Andrew Browning - The History

Andrew began his career over 10 years ago when someone remarked upon his similarity to George Michael. Andrew could already sing and as luck would have it, discovered that his own voice had the same soulful qualities of George. After having performed at local clubs, Andrew appeared in the finals of the ITV1 show "Stars in their Eyes" the No1 entertainment television show at the time. His enormous success from this television appearance catapulted him into the corporate and cruise industry.
Andrew has appeared on countless stages around the World and is a firm favourite for many prestigious cruise ships. If George isn't available, Andrew Browning is the next best thing!
Andrew Browning stands alone as the definitive tribute to George Michael, offering audiences the experience of watching, hearing and feeling the atmosphere masterfully recreated by the worlds number one tribute artiste.

Andrew Browning
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